There are some people that just seem to know what to do and when. People who intuitively know ‘what’s next’ and gets there before the rest of us clue in. This seems to be the case with French social media personality and influencer Betty Autier.

Like many others of her generation and younger, she’s used the power of the internet to create her own job and live the life she wants on her terms. She began that journey about a decade ago and hasn’t looked back since. If you don’t know this social media star yet, you’re about to.

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A Little About Betty

Betty is an ‘80s baby, who was born in Paris in October of ’83. According to Famous Birthdays, she’s the among the most popular Betty’s on the site, as well as a top pick for French models. She was formerly linked to a French photographer and has only been on her popular Instagram account for a few years. They also credit her as being featured in Teen Vouge. In 2013 she married her love, Mathieu Lebreton, on a trip to Las Vegas.

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 Birthday: October 1, 1983

Place of Birth: France

Age: 33

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Husband: Mathieu Lebreton

Le Blog de Betty

Betty, a 33-year-old model and blogger began her journey to social fame back in 2007 when she began Le Blog de Betty, a site where she’d share her fashion favorites. It quickly grew in popularity and she’s never looked back. It wasn’t always that way.

According to an interview with, she worked several different jobs before she found her current calling. These included being a switchboard operator and a saleswoman. She also once studied to be a makeup artists, something that surely serves her well in her new role as a fashion blogger and social media star.

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Betty Autier Blog and the Next Step

Betty, as mentioned before, seems to have great instincts as to what is the next big thing, as well as the ability to know when it’s time to move on. Recently, she closed her original blog and produced a book that is currently available on The book, which released in November of 2016, is described as telling her story, good and bad, as well as giving people insight into her beauty tricks and travels. She even answers reader questions and shares unpublished photos in the book.

She’ll also be launching her new site soon, but don’t expect her to do the typical blogging thing again. She believes the traditional blog is a thing of the past, and social media is where it’s at now, as well as video content. Her other big dream, according to the interview, is to have her own line. Not surprising for a fashion icon who’s praised for her unique sense of style.

Betty Autier Instagram and Other Social Media

Like a lot of the new social stars, her main home is on Instagram, where she goes by @bettyautier. Her over 800K followers get a look at her favorite fashions, products, and more. She also shares some stunning photos that take people on a journey through Paris and other locales. Besides that, she keeps followers updated on new projects, and shares adorable photos of her dog.

On Facebook, she reaches over 600K people as @betty.autier, while her 129K Twitter followers know her as @BettyAutier.

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