Robin Black

It's an interesting name for a site that is all about beauty, but this brand is anything but boring if you're looking to get some inspiration for your latest look.
In a crowded landscape of social media accounts all about makeup, this is a site who thrives on simplicity and giving audiences a look behind the camera.

Read on to learn a little more about who's behind the brand, and where you can find them online. You might just find a new favorite.

Robin Black

Beauty is Boring is a team of people who have pooled their talents to not only give you some great makeup inspiration but to present it in the best way possible.

According to their about page, they have a real powerhouse at the creative helm. Founder Robin Black is known in the industry for her simple, personal style that gives people a close up look at all the latest shades. She's also got an impressive resume, having worked with Elle, Allure, Vanity Fair, and more. You can't get much more cred as a beauty influencer than that.


Black's vision is nurtured and brought to life by two other talented team members. Melissa Barrett, who has a big resume of her own that includes Harper's Bazaar and a hosting gig, is in charge of the business side of the brand.

Helping to get the best look possible is accomplished design and video professional Nick Tamburi. He's been part of some of the biggest events in the film and art industry, which has helped the site grow and keep that glamorous style audiences love.

Beauty Blog

Unlike a lot of the sites out there, Beauty is Boring has a simple, singular focus. You're not going to find a lot of lifestyle posts here! Nor are you going to see travel or fashion-related posts.

The site features artsy, closeup photos of an impressively diverse bunch of models that is designed to highlight the makeup being worn. They list the products used, so users know exactly what to purchase to get their favorite look.
You can also check out some cool outtakes and videos from the shoots. Their YouTube in particular has some cool videos that highlight the models and what they're wearing, while also adding some cool, creative elements.

Beauty is Boring

 The team behind Beauty is Boring

  • Robin Black
  • Melissa Barrett
  • Nick Tamburri

Where else are you going to find a fashion influencer than Instagram? Their style is perfect for a sight designed to highlight photography, and it seems the 127 thousand plus followers of @beautyisboring_ would agree! You can also find them on Facebook as Beauty is Boring (over six thousand likes), or on Pinterest as the same name. You can also see those videos I was talking about by joining the subscribers of their Beauty is Boring channel. In a little under two years on YouTube, they've managed to get over 200,000 views on their videos. You might even get some tips on how to get the looks yourself.

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