Teen Angela Guzman is Nothing But Relatable

There are tons of influencers who’ve been at the Internet game for a long time, but there are very few featured here so far that appeal to a specific, unique audience; an audience who’s still in school and dealing with all the things that come with graduation and deciding what’s going to be the next step in their lives.

 angela guzman


The internet has added to the possibilities before them, and some are taking full advantage early. One of these influencers is only eighteen years old and is already making an impact with YouTube and Instagram users.  



YouTube Makeup Tutorial Fame

Angela first joined the popular site in January in 2015, and published her first video in October of that same year. It was a neutral makeup tutorial that would eventually go on to earn her over two thousand views. She soon followed up with her everyday makeup routine, her favorite glam look, and a go-to makeup look video.

Since those initial videos, she’s attracted an audience of over 300 thousand subscribers and earned tons of views for each. She does more than just discuss makeup, though. She features more fun and personal videos such as, “My Ruca,” where she answered fan questions alongside a friend. The duo talked about everything from their favorite bands, favorite makeup, where they’re from, and Angela’s aspirations to get into acting one day. 

Her channel also includes videos detailing the spicy noodle challenge, how to style a handbag with several outfits, doing makeup without a mirror, a really (by her admission) bad vlog on the eclipse where they didn’t get to see it. She experiments with all kinds of different look tutorials that are more daring, features haul videos, and more to give you inspiration for a new look.


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Angela Guzman IG

She jumped on the Instagram bandwagon in June of 2016, but she has an impressive 50 thousand plus followers, and the number is growing still. Her handle is @a.n.g.e.l.u.h, and she tends to favor the selfie which allows her to showcase her makeup and share a ton of creative, colorful looks that she creates with the help of her favorite products.

She, like many Insta celebs, has attracted the attention of certain companies who want to connect with her audience. Some of these brands include @honeybum, who allowed her to offer her fans a discount code. You’ll also see some cool art, and some honest captioning that shows even though everything looks perfect on Insta, sometimes there’s some struggle behind the scenes.

 Angela Guzman Wiki

  • Age: 18 years old
  • Nationality: Hispanic American
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Birthday: January 29, 2000


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