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Amber Katz

It's a crowded field, and one has to work hard and keep progressing in their work to stand out from the crowd. Amber Katz definitely fits into these categories. Read on to learn more about her unusual first job, her work now, and where you can connect with her online. You'll also learn what her latest obsession is, something that will soon be playing more of a part in her social media presence.

Amber Katz Bio

Amber is unique, yet not so unique, in one aspect amongst her fellow social media influencers. She started off about as far from her current path as possible, writing about finance for various publications.

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While not the most inspiring of subjects, the work did allow her to be involved in journalism, a field she enjoys. It also gave her the experience and confidence to move toward the topics she loves most. It's a great lesson in never passing over a great opportunity, as well as a lesson in being bold enough to take the next step.


According to her bio, she was obsessed with beauty from an early age. This passion stuck with her, and eventually became her blog, Beauty Blogging Junkie. Audiences soon fell in love with her way of weaving pop culture and beauty/fashion, and she kept at it.

Back in 2013, the blog started being known as Rouge 18. Deciding to change things up here and there, while still staying true to yourself and your audience is key, and they've stuck with her through the change.

On her blog, she talks beauty finds, favorite fashions, and wellness topics. One of the coolest features on the blog is her weekly list of things that will be sure to lift your mood as you prepare to face a new week. Some of her items are also helpful life hacks.

Beauty Writer

Besides her blog, Amber has kept herself busy writing for a huge list of some of the biggest publications, including writing for MTV's Buzzworthy. One of those articles is called out as a proud moment in her bio for a good reason. Any '80s girls will love seeing why. She also writes for Refinery29, Elle, and many more.
Besides her journalism, she's also a writer who mentions looking for literary representation on her Twitter bio, has a MAC cosmetic (see her website bio to see why that's such a huge deal), and was a judge for Miss Teen USA. Not a bad resume!

Amber Katz

  • Career: Beauty writer
  • Founder: Rouge18

Her Instagram is the place to be, with over twenty-three thousand people following her there as @rouge_18. She posts product reviews, tips, inspirational/funny quotes, and more. One thing she's apparently really gotten into lately is crystals, thanks to a book she read and recommended on her feed. She's planning to include more crystal content there. You can also catch her on Twitter as @Glambr. She has over 25 thousand followers there.

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