No Photo Shop Required!

Every woman out there who’s reading this article is probably desperate for some great beauty tips to swiftly do away with skin issues this summer. The bikini season has already started, and there’s not much time available to find an efficient solution against skin imperfections and an uneven skin tone. The majority of tips you can find on the web imply the use of medication or supplements that you can find in any nearby health store. But if you’re just like us, and you don’t want to load your body with chemicals, you should think of achieving your goal the natural way. The following tips are extremely efficient, and they can produce wonderful changes not only in your skin, but your body as well. So basically you get the chance to kill two birds with one stone - achieve a glowing skin and tone your body.



Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables To Flush Out The Toxins

You need to change your eating habits if you want to achieve a glowing skin in a matter of days. This will require changing from a high-fat to a low-fat eating regime, mostly plant-based. You will have to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and especially, dark leafy greens.



Get Involved With Oxycise

Oxycise is one of the revolutionary breathing techniques developed by Jill Johnson for pretty much everyone who wants to have a great body, feel and look great. Breathing is essential because our bodies necessitate oxygen to feed the cells and the organs. Oxygen revitalizes your skin. And there’s no way you can achieve a clear skin without enough oxygen.



Perform Facial Lymphatic Drainage At Home

Now that’s a good tip you can perform after you wake up in the morning or in the evening once you take off your make-up. Facial lymphatic drainage doesn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes, and with simple movements of your hands upon your face you are going to change not only the tone of your skin, but also improve its elasticity.



Learn To Do A Headstand

It’s not going to take much time to make that happen. And once you learn to do a headstand, you’re going to experience lots of benefits, especially when it comes to your skin. A headstand can impressively impact your skin due to the improved circulation through your body at the moment of the exercise. An improved blood circulation stands for a great skin.



Drink Lots Of Alkaline Water

Hydration is essential for the skin. If you dehydrate yourself on a daily basis, you’re never going to achieve that glowing skin Victoria’s Secret Angels have. You have to drink as much alkaline water as your body wants. Listen to your own instincts. You will know how much you need to stay hydrated. You can squeeze some lemon juice inside the water to get a refreshing and revitalizing drink to alkalize your body.



Do Away With Stess

Without this tip, you’re never going to be able to get rid of skin impurities. The body, especially the skin, reacts very badly to stress. Therefore if you experience constant stress on a daily basis, you have to find a good solution to do away with all the negativity. Your mind has to be loaded with positive thoughts and emotions. No room for stress there!



Follow these 6 extremely efficient tips for a glowing skin, and you’re going to impress everyone with your looks this summer!

  • Flush out toxins
  • Oxycise
  • Do lymphatic drainage at home
  • Learn to do a headstand
  • Drink lots of alkaline water
  • Do away with stress