Every girl loves swimwear, but a few of you are true bikini connoisseurs, so let's get you caught up on some of the hottest swimsuits this season!

A lot of people that look at bikinis online and love them for more than their fashion (though that's definitely a huge factor, of course). It's also because they are somewhat like a culture to those who live in them regularly, like those teens who live in the hotter climate and spend a lot of their days at the beach. It's a culture just like a lot of hikers who glean through equipment stores to make sure their collection is complete and there is nothing more they need from each store. It's part of the lifestyle. Bikini lovers are no different, and like the hiker, they will be regular visitors to bikini retailers and find what works best on their bodies. That hunt also includes magazines such as Sports Illustrated, particularly the Swimsuit Edition branch. Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Edition also offers a partition called Rookie of the Year in which interested customers can vote for their favourite bikini-clad model and this will help the model and suit get more popular in the general public. This is a great place for designer swimwear lovers.

This magazine is excellent at carrying all the hottest brands of swimsuits of all kinds, and equally beautiful models to go with them. Bikini Luxe understands that you, our wonderful, loyal followers, want to see the best ones offered, so we've compiled a small list there to see just how some our suits are doing and the models that are making them look their best so that you can replicate the look yourself.

One of the most exciting examples of Sports Illustrated showing off a beauty in a bikini is that of Robyn Lawley, a budding model that is known for her sexy legs and darting eyes, as well as the fact that she made history by being the first plus size model to be given a full page in Sports Illustrated. This beauty is proud of her bigger figure and hopes that by showing herself off in a gorgeous bikini that is tailored to suit her needs with a bigger bust and waist, others her size will know larger sizes are coming. Lawley shares that bikinis were never made to suit her bigger needs and that bugged her when trying to find a sexy bikini. By sharing herself as a model, producers of bikinis will be forced to see her as a person and make sure that something fits her. In looking at the beautiful Montce Orange Snake bikini that she is wearing, we can tell that her larger voice is definitely being heard.


Montce Swim Orange Snake Euro

  • String Bikini
  • Triangle Bikini Top
  • Double Strap Bikini Bottom
  • Scrunch Butt Bottom
  • Snake Print Bikini

This bikini is completely unique and beautiful without losing any of its comfort or style. This is a style that can be worn by any size (as Robyn Lawley proves) and still keeps the young flare and fashion that all of us want in the swimsuit. After all, a bikini is all about living a little on the wild side, and what better way to do this than to combine a bright orange with a snake scale print that is sure to turn heads your way on the beach. The top of the suit, sporting the snake print, has all of the necessities covered and is great for girls with heavier chests in that the ties around the neck are very strong and will definitely keep everything where it is supposed to be without worry that anything will fall out. This is great for practical use as well as fashionista, and that is what makes this suit so great: practical and sexy, how great is that? The bottom of the suit is also full of flare with the the wide orange bands that circle around the sides of the waist. They are, again, practical, without losing any of the fun feel to the suit.

Without a doubt, this is a fun, practical suit that will look great on any figure and flatter it to no end. Robyn Lawley and her inspiring story is sure to get the ball rolling for larger, sexier suits.

Sports Illustrated also did a great article on one of Beach Bunny's newest styles that is sure to be hopping off the shelves sometime soon. The model of this particular bikini that is shown in Sports Illustrated is Erin Heatherton, a popular blonde that is making her way into the fashion world one bikini at a time. She is a gorgeous tiny waisted model and has a great knack for showing off the right angles in order to make both herself and the bikini look amazing. The suit that she sported and won the spot for herself was from Beach Bunny's 2015 collection, the Endless Summer White Bikini.


Beach Bunny Swimwear Endless Summer Bikini

  • Color Block Bikini
  • Zipper Bikini Top and Bottom
  • Push Up Bikini Top
  • Multiway Bikini Bottom


This suit is especially unique in the zipper(which actually works!) that keeps the top together. This is a great option for those who fear for the men or kids on the beach that may pull the strings or clips apart on the suit and let the breasts go free. This is definitely a fear to worry about, and this suit makes sure that it doesn't have a way to come undone unless the person in right in front of you. The zipper is sturdy and wide so that it is sure to stay zipped exactly as you want it to. Despite its practicality, this suit has plenty of cleavage appeal. The top resembles the style of a low cut tank top and rides well on the mid-drift. The straps are thicker and high quality, so there is no need to be concerned with them falling off your shoulders in that annoying way that bras do every once in a while in normal circumstances. The material is thick and strong so that the chest is sure to stay in place and be a little pushed up, so the breasts create a great look for those wanting a more sexy look.



The bottom is also adorable and sexy at the same time with its zippers along the sides, which again, work totally, and add to the fun and practical use of the suit. These two combinations are a great option for the practical mom and the fun teen that wants something just a little different from your typical bikini. This one is sure to show you a good time.

The fun with bikinis just keeps running, as more of these amazing bikinis and models are shown on their pages for all of us to admire and search for on Bikini Luxe. Another fabulous pair to look at is the Wave-Length Bikini that will get you into the mood to swim around in with the patterns and colours that it sports. This is a definite must in the wardrobe of frequent beach-goers and is sure to make a splash – pun intended – on the audience you are hoping to glean from running around in this beautiful and fun suit meant for the young teen in a mood to try a new style with a bikini, or the older woman who wants the fresh style of a bikini without all of the bright colours and awkward straps that sometimes occur. This suit is a little different and a lot of fabulous.


Beach Bunny Swimwear Wave Lengths Bikini Bottom

  • Tie Sides Bikini Bottom
  • String Bikini Bottom
  • Blue and White Bikini


This particular line of swimwear has a few different styles and all of them have the same pattern and colour scheme. This is great for those who love the pattern and want other options to wear without losing the unique look of the colours together. What this suit does that is so amazing is imitate the appearance of water shimmering on the floor of the seabed, so you can see the starfish and the slightly luminescent, blurry shapes of water flowers or algae that is floating around. The bright rays of sunshine on the water also play into this design, giving it the appearance that you are swimming and see them dancing along the floor. The water is a bright turquoise and is absolutely gorgeous, hands down. This is a great option for something just a little different.


Beach Bunny Wave Lengths Bikini Top

  • Push Up Bikini Top
  • Underwire Bikini Top
  • Cutout Bikini
  • Designer Swimwear

The bikini also has a unique white mesh that accents the bright colours. In continuing with the tropical seawater theme, it could be understood as a fisherman's netting, or something that also refers to the sea and allows it to time into the theme. Pretty neat, right? As mentioned, this suit is full of sexy appeal with a small amount of tan lines and plenty of skin to be shown to the adoring fans that will be following you around to see if the suit really is water. With a suit this bold you have to totally own it and make it yours. You can rock this suit, and it can do wonders for you if you want it to.

To finish up the amazing wonders that Sports Illustrated has done with all of these beautiful bikinis and equally gorgeous models, in the wonder team of Hailey Clauson and her amazing the floral mesh diva bikini by Sauvage Swimwear. This is a great bikini and an even more amazing model who knows just how to play with the camera in order to create an inviting look to the suit as well as making sure that we, the audience, can see how the suit fits and get an accuracy in how it would look in real life if we were to wear it to the beach or poolside. This suit is a must have for your closet this season.


Sauvage Swimwear Floral Mesh Diva Swimsuit

  • Mesh Bikini Top
  • Mesh Bikini Bottom
  • Cutout Bikini Top
  • Floral Bikini
  • Unique Swimwear

Clauson is a drop-dead gorgeous model that tells us everything with her eyes. They are expressive and in the photo that is shown on Sports Illustrated, we can tell that she's telling us “this is the perfect suit for you.” She is totally comfortable in the suit that she is wearing, and has no hesitation in sharing that with us in her relaxed pose and happy expression. It's hard to argue with a woman in a bikini looking that fabulous and comfortable at the same time.

The bikini has all sorts of goodies to offer wearers of any kind. There is an adorable mesh front that gives it a sporty look without compromising on style. The mesh is also great to help with sun coverage without having to cover up the chest completely. The style of the top is identical to that of the traditional top and opens the chest so that plenty of skin can be shown. That being said, it is sexy without being slutty or too revealing. The top has something offer for the colour lover too with the splash of brightly coloured flowers surrounded by a sea of black fabric and mesh. The flowers bring in the tropical vibe that many of us want on the beach, and the colour adds fun and life to this suit.



The bottom of this beautiful bikini is practically non-existent – in a good way! - with the black mesh that surrounds the body and creates a cocoon of mesh. Over the lady parts there is another spattering of bright flowers that tie in the two themes together and make it a solid and comfortable suit. The mesh on both halves is great for comfort and practicality. Despite the appearance, there is no risk of chafing or restriction in movement and for this reason will do well for the sporty and fashion-centered beach goer alike. Companies that do this for their customers are great, because everyone has such different choices in fabrics, styles and needs, that it can be hard to get the perfect suit.


Sports Illustrated has done a great job at showing their customers what kind of high end swimwear products are out there. They love to showcase sexy bikinis with fresh ideas, and also allow the hard working models to show their stuff and get the recognition they deserve. Sports Illustrated does a great job for those bikini lovers out there and all of their followers (as well as though in general who follow swimwear) are bound to agree when we say that Sports Illustrated is dedicated to bringing the best and newest styles to viewers around the globe.