Lulu DK Tattoos, Flash Your Style

The beach is all about looking your best no matter how you feel on the inside. If you are sick, it's still your job to get into the swimsuit and strut your stuff on the beach front. That's not meant to be mean, of course, it's the sad fact of life that you always have to look your best and put your best, perfectly manicured foot forward. It's a fashion ruled world, so we have to make sure we fit into it as best as possible. Part of that is keeping up with trends that change with the weather, and part of it is finding ways to be stylish but comfortable at the same time.

As you may be aware, we work hard at Bikini Luxe to bring you both in the same package. We pride ourselves in knowing just how to give you both style and comfort, and that it is our top priority. That being said, sometimes you need a little bling to help accessorize that fabulous bikini. Even if it's just to make you feel better about how you look, it's important to add those special little touches in order to feel good about yourself and bring your confidence up. Also, who doesn't love a little sparkle during their day on the beach?

There are some of us that make our outfits pop with bracelets, sparkly hair clips or headbands, and, of course, the elusive and fashionable body chains that are so delicate but awesome at the same time. Some don't like to wear jewelry at the beach or pool, however, in case the water ruins the metal, or it falls off or gets lost.For those kind of people, there are the options of jewelry tattoos, witch are otherwise known as Temporary Metallic Tattoos. These amazing creations are temporary metallic tattoos that, when applied to the skin, have the amazing, realistic appearance of jewelry! This means that those who are nervous about wearing their precious pieces on the beach no longer have to worry about it! How awesome is that? 

For most of us, these new tattoos options are pretty foreign and exciting, so it's probably a good idea to learn how they work. The most important thing to understand about jewelry tattoos a.k.a. metallic tattoos a.k.a. flash tattoos, is how they work. And the most important part of that is learning how to apply metallic tattoos. You'll be impressed to learn that it's pretty simple: you simply press the print sheet onto your skin and apply water on it, just like those Pooh-bear ones you used to beg your mom for when you were little. It's that easy. These DK LULU pieces are just one of the many companies that are catching on fire in popularity, and we are proud to bring them to you at excellent prices. Learning how to apply temporary metallic tattoos is as simple as ordering them, and you'll be happy to know that we are offering many temporary metallic tattoos to choose from.

Add a Little "Bling" Miami Style! 

The first type are the different variations of the La Femme styles. The sheets of tattoo options are diverse and sure to pull attention from passers-by. These are great to add a little Bling to your outfit without paying a fortune or having to worry about losing your valuable pieces at the beach. One sheet of the two per order, is full of gold and brown designs, all girly and twirling around the sheet in a fashionable and adorable design. The metallic gold tattoo that is the best for versatility would be the one which in the middle of the sheet that imitates a rope that is tying in loose knots around the arm. It is beautiful but simplistic at the same time, two things that these designs do flawlessly.

The other sheet in the La Femme selection, the metallic silver tattoo options, are just as eye-catching, and some would say that they are even more eye-catching than the gold ones. Silver always tends to be more popular than gold, because of the fact that it is so glittery, and example of the flash tattoos metallic colors certainly bring this point home. The silver options are all identical to the gold ones, and the color selections are a dazzling silver and a dark grey/black in the smaller, more delicate ones. These are totally gorgeous and really have a great effect when applied to your arms and wrists. Since the styles are identical, it also looks beautiful to combine the silver and gold together and create an unstoppable jewelry combination!

Lulu DK "Love Story" Metallic Tattoo

Also offered in both gold and silver in identical patterns, these patterns a little more bold than the previous selections. These ones tend to be more “earthy”, sporting designs that look like tree leaves and vines that run around your skin. This is great for a trip to the beach, since it was all about getting back to nature and enjoying a day out in the sun with a picnic lunch and and lots of water around. These styles really help those get more into the mood of getting back to their roots, but not sacrificing their bling or excellent style while they do it. That is skill!

The best flash tattoo in this category is the one that imitates loopy, cursive writing that circles around your arm. This is great for those who love this look on their bodies but aren't quite bold enough or ready to get a permanent tattoo on their arms with a similar style. That's the joy about these metallic tattoo temporary trends, there is no need to do a pro and con list, because if you don't like it, it'll be gone in four or five days and there is no need to regret any decision about putting one on. The writing style is really popular for those who like a tame style without losing the flashy color choice of gold or silver. These are a great option for the back-to-nature ladies who want a little "Bling" to go along with it!
Another of the categories that we will be carrying to best please our loyal and important customers are those in the Indigo collection.

These are not for the tame that just want a little splash of color or bling. You have to commit to these in order to pull them off, so make sure you can carry it off without feeling too self-conscious. These are metallic tattoo tribal style with a wide band and artful designs that really promote the tribal prints. These are bold both in size and color choice, offering all of their designs in a loud gold color that will attract many eyes and keep them there. They offer great designs that are sure to make you want them, but keep this bold attitude in mind! A couple of these designs are more regal in look, adding an elegance to your outfit with the integration of these. This particular type would look great if you put them on tastefully for a formal affair because they are sleek and elegant and sure to look great with a cute little black dress.

"Indigo" Collection of Temporary Tattoos

The best selection in this collection of Lulu DK tattoo options is a dark band on the bottom of the first sheet which is a bold floral, tribal pattern in gold with an outlining in black. This design is eye-catching due to the black streak weaving throughout the tattoo. This is a great addition for those who love color and showing it off proudly. Remember to wear these with caution if you are looking for tamer options it might be better to have a tamer style such as the Love Story options.

Lastly, there is the Blue Lagoon category which also works hard at bringing in colour to please those who just can't live without it. These are bold styles that many should keep in mind won't stand out on all skin types. This is because the color that interspersed throughout the gold is a light sea-green, which makes it fall into the pastel department. Pastels don't always look great on everyone and it can be hard to figure out if it's the right color for you by looking at the screen and comparing it that way. That being said, color is color, and it's not up to us to decide what you want to wear! Most of the selections in this style are gold and have beautiful nature touches to them that furthers the “getting back to nature” thing. Lulu dk temporary tattoo options are always diverse and this style is no exception to that rule.

The best metallic tattoos are the silver ones for many customers due to their versatility, and the best one in this style is the silver-tinged leaves that will spiral around your arm naturally and give you a gorgeous glow. The silver is brighter on the skin and reflects more light, so those around you are more likely to notice it and compliment. The point of DK tattoos is to flaunt them and show off how amazing you look wearing them, so the expression “go big or go home” definitely applies here, whether you you were aware of that or not.

The "Blue Lagoon" Collection

LULU DK tattoos are unbelievable popular for their one of a kind, unique, beautiful styles, and we are proud to bring you some of the best ones that we can. It is our goal to make our customers happy and loyal, so that is why we are bringing you one step further in this department. We are proud to announce that we will offer a LULU DK sale which enables you, our favorite customers, and the new ones that are looking for a great new place to shop, the opportunity to get these hot and fashionable styles for less. This happens by us providing you a LULU DK discount code so that you can enjoy your purchases for less. These are so amazing that we want you to have the options to totally slather yourselves in these beautiful accessories and enjoy the bling and attention that they will bring you.
All of these tattoos are water resistant so you don't have to stay out of the water in order to keep them full of vivid colour and life. That being said, they will fade faster if you keep jumping in a pool over and over again, so definitely keep that in mind. Also watch where you put them. If they are going to be rubbing against straps, they will also start to rub off quicker, and that is definitely not something you'll want. Also remember the fact that if you have an allergy to adhesive of any kind, this is not a good product for you. Though we wish to give all of our customers equal oppourtunity for metallic tattoo jewelry, sometimes we can't due to allergies. Maybe someday!

Lastly, these awesome deals are not to be missed. They are a high quality temporary tattoo that is sure to impress you with its durability and resistance to fading. Whether you just just want a little Bling, or are looking for something that can be a placeholder for you until you decide whether you want a permanent tattoo or not, you're sure to find that these are satisfactory and your new favorite accessory. These are growing quickly in popularity, and are being worn by celebrities all over the world as they head to the beach and out in public with beautiful clothes.

We all want to look like them – at least a little bit – so make sure that you do your best to admire your idol by copying some of their jewelry from Lulu DK. You won't be disappointed with the results, so let's get started.