Valentines Day is very quickly approaching, and there are some that are frantically searching for things to get their special someone. It's a hard day for some of us because there is so much pressure to please your lover in the best way possible, and sometimes roses and chocolate just doesn't cut it. Whether you are someone that likes the holiday or not, it's important for many couples to celebrate. Some like to do so by going on a skiing trip or down South to the beaches. Others like to snuggle up at home for the night and celebrate with eat-in dinner and a good movie. Whatever your style, the days is bound to involve lingerie one way or another, be it a gift, or just something to get the fun started. However you choose to use it, Bikini Luxe has got that need covered. Bikini Luxe Intimates has a wide selection to choose from that is sure to get the heart pumping and the excitement rising. It is our goal to have every woman feeling sexy, yet totally comfortable in our Unique Lingerie Styles.

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The first little number that is sure to make you feel like the sexy, gorgeous woman you are, is the Black Lace Bralette & G-String Set which is a dark coloured, skimpy outfit sure to get the attention of who you are focused on. The top is a black bralette that is sheer and covered in lace. This delicate and elegant fabric covers the bare necessities while still being alluring enough to gain all the attention you need and want. The top ties around the neck with a conveniently flimsy knot that is easily loosened. The same thing goes for the tie around the waist, and this is a hot lace bra for that reason. The bottom is a comfortable lace g-string that, like the bra, covers the essentials in a way that is alluring but still comfortable. The string around the waist is high quality and secure so that it is sure to stay up when you want it too, but is elasticized and can be moved to the right location for your comfort and desire.

The fabric on both of these pieces is comfortable and soft so as not to irritate those sensitive spots, and keep everything in place and happy. This piece can be worn alone as a fun bedroom outfit, or can be worn under clothes if so desired. This is great for Valentines day when you know you'll be going out for supper, etc., and want to have all of the bases covered for looking sexy, but not being sure if you'll get the chance to change later. The silky lace is smooth and allows that little black dress to slide right over it and not give off underwear lines (thanks to the g-string) or awkward lumps on the chest from the ridges of the lace. This set is part of the Elegant Moments Intimates line that we carry and is sure to make both you and your partner healthy and happy.

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Another potential addition to your intimates wardrobe is the Lace Bra Top And Thong Set. This is a great option for those that find g-strings uncomfortable (though ours at Bikini Luxe are hard to beat for all day comfort) and want the option of a thong. This set is also a great idea due to the fact that it has little bows in strategically placed locations that allow for intrigue and a little colour at the same time. The bra top is close to the style of a bikini with its halter strings (which are easy to tie and untie) as well as covering most of the breasts. Though the lace does the covering up, the sheer material doesn't leave much to the imagination without looking trashy or slutty. It gives you sexy without the slutty. How great is that?

The bottom thong covers up a bit more, and the black lace underwear is trimmed in delicate, eye catching purple ribbon. The bright colour enables the eye to be drawn there and the interest to pique due to the fact that the lace is thicker and is covering more of the body. That in combination with the sexy top is sure to get your lovers attention and keep it.
This suit is a great option to wear out under clothing due to the fact that it is discrete and will keep your comfortable throughout the day. This is a great option that basically imitates a bra and thong because the bra covers so much of the chest, as does the thong, that these are both suitable for underwear on all accounts. Whether it's laundry day and you simply have nothing else to wear, or just want to have a special day in which you feel your best and have a little bad girl attitude going on at the same time, this is the perfect outfit to have waiting in your closet. Give it a try and see if its the right piece from Elegant Moments Lingerie for you.

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The next piece we can look at is a beautiful, sexy number that you have to totally believe in to harness its effects. This is meant more for the bold couple than anything, but is still a recommended option due to the fun and flirty attitude that it spurs among its customers. This one of a kind, amazing piece is the Bunni Love Mesh Teddy. Ever since the birth of Playboy, this has been a popular and exciting option for those that have liked what the bunnies have to offer. This bunny lingerie is sure to bring that fantasy to life in a way that is all you. This special piece has all sorts of character for those that want to walk a little on the wild side, and it is a piece that is not to be missed. This sheer teddy style is a bold piece that covers the entire body similar to that of a swimsuit. The delicate pearl-like buttons add a girly flair to it, and the tightness to the body is sure to show off the amazing body you work hard for everyday.

This bunni love costume is sure to make you stand out to the special someone in your life and will be a way to treat them without doing any work other than putting it on and strutting your stuff in it. The bows on the secure straps that wrap around the neck give a girly but serious addition to the costume and help sell the “teddy” appearance. This means that it tames you down, but the bodysuit itself keeps the watcher very much interested and attentive. Elegant Moments has succeeded with other killer piece here. This black lingerie is sure to capture the right attention.

This is excellent to wear as underclothes under a dress or a skirt and top. The silky feel to this black mesh teddy will keep the fabric of your other clothes where it is meant to be and help with keep the static down on these cold, winter days. This is also a great option for intimates for those who are not totally comfortable with the two piece ensemble. For some, the one piece is sexier. For others, it's a better way to show off their awesome body and providing anticipation and something to the imagination at the same time. Whatever the reason, this is a great option.

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If you want a little one piece number with a bit more dare and girly feeling to it, there is the option of the Lace Teddy With Garters selection. This one piece bodice has all sorts of fun with a satin corset that sports a bright teal colour. This splash of eye-catching hue makes the viewer notice the small waist that women love to show off, and keeps the eyes on the body. This is a great addition to your Valentines Day routine, and will definitely help keep the romance alive. The garter belt makes the game a little more fun as it gives the impression that you are wearing more clothes than you are, while also ensuring that everything stays in place and secure. This is great for those romantic couples that want a little more drawn-out evening of fun and love.

The sheer mesh of this black lace teddy is high quality and won't rip if there is an unexpected swipe with nails, or a cat gets into your closet. It is high quality material that is comfortable and sure not to chafe and will make you into a beautiful and sexy woman time and time again. This satin teddy is definitely meant for the bedroom, but can be worn under clothes as a great slip or an extra layer against the cold of February. The garters can serve as tights, though it may not be a totally practical outfit unless you know that it'll go to use sometime later that day. This is a highwaisted teddy that is framed with black ruffles and is totally unique. It's a definite must-have for those couples that love something a little different.

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Now, Valentines Day Lingerie wouldn't be complete without the pink addition into the mix. For those that want to combine the colour of love with sexy lace, we are here to present you with the Pink Lace Cami Set, an excellent piece from Elegant Moments lingerie set. This is a great option for those that want to cover up a little more either for privacy reasons, or just like the allure of covering themselves up partially for the fun. The hot pink is sure to give the unmistakable Valentines Day appeal that will transfer into the fun. This is also a great option for those that prefer a little more colour in their intimates.

"If God Wanted us to be Naked why did he Invent Sexy Lingerie?"

The lace panties in this ensemble are great for the woman who just can't wear g-strings or thongs, and the sexy, elegant lace will keep you looking lady-like, but comfortable. The key with all of our pieces is that comfort is not sacrificed for fashion. This lace cami set is unique with the pink tie ribbon that keeps the back of the pink lace bra and cap sleeves together. The bow is wide and a raspberry pink that matches the big bows on the underwear. The bow is soft and silky, so you won't have to worry about not being comfortable with chafing or other discomforts from strings. The silk also allows it to come undone easily for when the time comes. This is a great piece that is simple in appearance, but is full of unique fashion and comfort. It is a lace and mesh cami and panty with satin bows that is sure to make you see the love of your life in a sexy but unique and pink way.

Whether you are someone who is new the world of lingerie or no, these sets are sure to make you comfortable and sexy at the same time. Breaking into the world of intimates is hard and scary at first, but there is a power in them that should not be denied. If you trust your partner, trust that the two of you will work things out to incorporate this sexy wear into your private life.

"I don't have a Dirty Mind I have a Sexy Imagination"

Valentines Day is frustrating sometimes, and can be lonely or awkward if you don't know quite know how to celebrate, but there is never any worry or frustration with getting lingerie sets from us here at Bikini Luxe. As always, we work hard to ensure that you have as much variety as possible and that you will find the outfit of your dreams here. We work hard at keeping our prices low so that you can have the possibility of getting a couple outfits that you like. With pieces like the ones you saw above, there is no excuse not to find one to your liking. So, go ahead and start looking for your Valentines Day Gift today!