Bikini Body Chains: A Girls Best Friend





Bikini Body Chains for Style


In a world where fashion rules, there are many options to choose from in order to create the look that you want. Though there may be some styles that you don't necessarily like, fashion and the styles that are popular change so rapidly, that odds are, the ones that you will like will be back in style within no time. There are some styles that are always popular too, like UGG boots or curly hair. Right now in the fashion world, body chains are the biggest accessory, adding elegance and style to any outfit, be it casual, dressy, or somewhere in between. These unique pieces of styles are worn most often over bikinis and swimsuits.


So the first question you may find yourself asking is what are Body Chains?

They are dainty, gorgeous chains that are identical to link bracelets, only much smaller and more delicate. This difference in size makes them perfect for a dressy occasion, or helps make a casual outfit look a little more refined. They can be long or short and come in all styles, which allows you the pick the perfect one for each outfit. There are various coloured chains you can buy. The most common option is silver, because it is versatile and usually matches with other silver jewelry you may be wearing. It also happens to be the metal that seems to be the classic style. Black and gold tend to weave in and out of popularity, but silver and brass always stay in fashion.

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The second question you may be asking yourself, is How to Wear Bikini Body Chains?


The answer, is that is entirely up to the person wearing them. A lot of them will wear them around their waists like decorative belts, or around their necks as looped necklaces. Others will wear them as necklaces that loop around the mid-drift and around the back like a figure eight on your body. This is the most extreme way to wear them, and until you are used to the feeling, it can be uncomfortable. No one one can argue, though, that they don't add a little bling to everything you wear. They are so unique and fancy, that it's hard not to fall in love with them when you see someone wearing them around with confidence. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to wear body chains with, but you can never go wrong with wearing them with a nice skirt or sundress. The most important thing about wearing body chains over dresses or a blouse and jeans, is to own it. Be confident in your style choice and know that no one can tell you that our choice was a bad one. It's your body and you should be the only one (except maybe your mom) that gets a choice over what you decide to wear.




Typically, you can wear Body Chain Jewelry over a dress easily, and it accentuates the dressy style well. When wearing a dark colour dress, typically the silver or gold option is the best way to go, because it pops out against the colour. If you're wearing a lighter colour, the best option would be a black chain, or a brass. Brass body chains are excellent because they give a bit of colour to the chain and make it stand out against light fabrics, but they're still classy and refined enough to not look terrible. Body chains for dresses are usually fancier, coming in different metals and adorned with jewels and charms. As to be expected, there are many different combinations of charms, styles and metals, so make sure you look through them all. Don't be afraid to get multiples, either, they're a great accessory to have in your closet for when the occasion arrives. Dress body chains are a good investment for sure, as they can be worn in different ways for style and fashion changes, but still add to every possible outfit. As well, you will probably find that the style of body chains will quickly grow on you, and you'll be wearing them every chance you get. Having two or three different options ensures that you won't have to go body chain-free in the terrible event that one snaps and has to be repaired, or thrown out.


So now that you're all ga-ga over body chains, there's got to be another question lingering in your mind: what stores sell Body Chains?


You can buy Body Chain For Bikini Jewelry in a lot of popular, trendy boutiques all over the globe, but some of the best, highest qualitya and versatile chains are sold here at Bikini Luxe. Though ours are mostly bikini body chains, a lot of our pieces can be worn in both contexts, depending on the needs of the customer. We aim to make the most customer-friendly product, because we know that not everyone shops on here for strictly bikinis. However, the amazing things about this body chain for swimwear jewelry is that they can be interchangeable between being worn over clothes and/or dresses, and at the same time, spicing up the bikini front for when you're wandering on the beach next summer.


Quality First Be Aware! 


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There is no question that Body chains are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe, the question that often does not arise and should is "What about the quality of the body chains themselves". Unfortunately there are many venders who sell body chain bikini jewelry and swimwear body chains that are really not up to par. And unfortunately as the Internet is a free for all these same vendors will take pictures and mis represent their products as the ones that are being sold. These knock off fake body chains are not only low quality but they break quite easily as well! 



"I'll let you in on a Little Secret"


(The model in our product pictures is actually the CEO of Bikini Luxe!) 

Now if you got this far in the post please read on as we have much more to tell you about our wonderful selection of Bikini Body Chains. 

There's no question that bikini chain jewelry adds to everyone's fashion choice on the beach. They draw attention to the beautiful body in the suit by accentuating it with charms, delicate chains, and bright jewels that sparkle in the dazzling sunlight that is so loved at the beach. They look great in the water, too, swirling around in the waves as you wade around. There is no need to worry about damaging the chain in the water, because swimwear body chains are water resistant and won't tarnish in the salt or chlorinated water. If you still have that worry in mind, however, the best colour options to wear would be black or brass. This is because both of them will hide the look of damage and missing flecks of paint better than the silver or gold options.


Fab Fashion with Bikini Jewelry


Bikini Jewelry is a great addition to any swimsuit, be it worn as a bikini body chain, or a necklace. These delicate strands of fashion make all the difference when creating a look. Since being on a beach is all about strutting your stuff and showing off your beautiful body and carefully chosen outfit, it's only right that you make it the best it can be by adding the Body Chain accessory.


Body Chain for Bikini and Swimwear Luxury 


When looking at body chains for bikinis only, the options in wearing and showing them off are endless. Since the suits come in so many cuts and fashions, there are many different styles of body chains that you can wear to go with them. Body chains for swimsuits are also a great fashion accessory and they tend to be more similar to the wearing style of the dress body chains. They are meant to go over clothing and leave enough space to freely move around without compromising the excellent fashion of them. This means that if you are one of those people who love to swim at the beach, then you can still kick and do your strokes without having to worry about getting tangled up or restricted because of your fashion accessory. As mentioned before hand, it will take some time to get used to the feel of them, but once that happens, you'll wonder how you survived without these wonderful pieces of jewelry.


Now, the trickiest part of the body chain world, mixing and matching the styles and chains.


As mentioned above, a lot of times different metals can go better with different style suits and it's important to get the right combination so that both the swimsuit and the body chin are best matched up. After all, if your outfit looks good, you look good, so why not take advantage of all of the options and create the killer outfit for your time on the beach?


The first option to look at is picking the right body chain for bikinis versus swimsuits. Since suits tend to cover most of the trunk, you may be inclined to go with the ones that sit around the waist like a belt, but the best option for a full body swimsuit would be the ones that loop around the neck and then trail down to loop around to the small of your back. These are very unique fashion choices, but they are guaranteed to make a statement – a good one – about the person in that swimsuit. It shows style and confidence, two characteristics that everyone wants and loves to have. As for choosing the right metal and the right amount of charms, that really depends on the colour of the swimsuit, which will be discussed a little later.




Now, onto the more diverse world of bikinis, the popular fashion option that everyone seems to love.


Then again, what's not to love about them? They show off a body that you've worked hard to create and tone, and there are so many options that finding the right style and colour combination for you becomes a little easier. In you are wearing a bright patterned bikini, odds are you should go with a more subtle and “quieter” body chain. Usually black or silver would be the best matches. They compliment the flashy colours in the bikini top and bottom without taking away from them, while also adding jewelry to the outfit and making it more fancy. There are many dark styles in bikini body chains, so rest assured that you will be sure to find the perfect one for yours. If you have a dark pattern with a lot of browns or other colours, you should consider a silver or gold body chains. They tend to be striking against the dark fabric and make both the suit and the jewelry stand out more.


Swimwear Body Chains


As for swimwear body chains with charms, those wearing bikinis with patterns (dark and light) should try to stay away from them. This is because they will distract from the outfit and make the viewer confused as to where they should look. That's the last thing you want to do, so if you do decide on buying body chains with charms on them for a patterned swimsuit, try to pick those that are a little on the lighter side.


If you are someone that wears a solid colour, there tend to be a few more options open, though they too have restrictions. If you have a dark colour, you should aim towards the lighter metals like silver and gold. On a beach, gold isn't quite as striking, because everything is reflecting off of it, and for that reason, it tends to fad off into the background quite a bit. That can be classified as a personal choice, however, as there are some people who love gold and hate silver, so it is whatever you feel is best for your personal style.




"If you have a bikini that is a lighter colour, definitely go with a black or brass body chain."


Silver looks good, too, but you want to accentuate both the suit and the jewelry, the best way to choose contrasting colours, because when they are put together, they harmonize and make the outfit stunning and well put together, which everyone wants. That being said, if you are someone who absolutely loves silver and doesn't like the other colour options, go with gold or silver. These are pretty classic and versatile, so you shouldn't have a problem making them work in your outfit, though they won't be quite as striking as brass or black body chains.


When you are wearing a body chain (regardless of metal) with a solid colour bikini, this is when charms and jewels will come in handy and can make the outfit really stunning. Since bikinis don't have as much skin covered a suit, they leave lots of opportunity for accessories on the chains. Don't be afraid to really deck them out. Choose coloured jewels that represent your favourite colours, but also go ahead and choose some that match you bikini, too. Make the whole experience fun and modern, it's your body after all.

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Body Chain for Swimwear Only?


Absolutely not! Body chains are a perfect addition to a day time outfit and over all, they are a versatile and excellent accessory to bikinis and all other types of clothing. They are unique and are totally customizable to allow for everyone to get their favourite kinds of charms and coloured jewels. The best part about Bikini Body Chains is that they are cheap and available. So, now that you've learned all about then, go ahead and try them out for yourself today!