Body Scrub Facts

Taking good care of your skin this season can prevent skin conditions such as eczema, itchy or dry skin, and can have your skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. Not only will your skin feel its best, it will look its best. Body scrubs slough away dry, dead, dull skin and helps to fight the signs of aging, with each of the various body scrub types offering up a set of unique properties that will target a specific skin issue you’d like to target.


DIY Coffee Scrub

We all know that people drink coffee for enjoyment or a quick pick me up when they’re feeling slow and sluggish. Research has found that drinking coffee also has several health benefits such as reduction in the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes, as well as several other positive health benefits.

Research has also found that body scrubs which use coffee have several skin health benefits we wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. A recent Korean study found that an acid found in coffee grounds, caffeic acid, reduces inflammation of the skin and promotes wound healing.

Antioxidants found in coffee eliminate free radicals and can help prevent the skin from aging prematurely. Coffee scrubs also exfoliate the skin removing dead and dull appearing cells and leave the skin able to better absorb moisture. The visibility of varicose veins and cellulite are reduced through this type of skin care and can help your body to flush out toxins and fats trapped beneath the skin’s layers.

The use of Coffee Scrub will increase blood flow to the skin, constrict blood vessels resulting in improved skin appearance, exfoliate dead skin allowing improved appearance and moisture absorption, and leave your skin feeling smooth, supple, and pampered.


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Green Tea & Sea Salt Scrub

Green tea is well-known for its antioxidant and other fabulous health benefits. As antioxidants speed up aging and contribute to disease, it only makes sense that you’d want to incorporate Body Green Tea & Salt Scrub into your skin care routine.
Ground green tea’s slightly abrasive texture is a gentle antioxidant exfoliant which scrubs away those dull dead skin cells and environmental pollutants leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Green tea is also a great anti-inflammatory agent which can reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars with regular use.

As green tea is a natural antiseptic, use of our body scrub will help to reduce acne, and helps in wound healing of cuts and scrapes. An added benefit is green tea’s ability to reduce the damage caused by the sun’s rays, reduces sun spots, and evens out skin tone. As with most body scrubs, this fantastic green tea scrub allows moisture to be better absorbed by the skin and promotes youthful, smooth, and healthy glowing skin.



Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs contain beneficial minerals which enhance skin, reduce inflammation, and flush out toxins. Salt is a great exfoliator and removes those dead skin cells which harden over time leading to dull dry spots, callouses, and make the skin appear older. Removal of this skin reveals the softer new skin underneath which is more supple and youthful appearing. The added benefit of removing dead skin is that it encourages the body to regenerate the skin which can help reduce the sings of aging, improve blemishes, and reduce the visibility of scars and other marks.
Not only is a salt body scrub a rejuvenating way to improve the health and appearance of your skin, this spa treatment is a relaxing way to pamper yourself after a long, hard day.


Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub

While sugar scrubs do exfoliate the skin much like other scrubs they have a few differences which make them a great choice. Unlike salt-based scrubs which can have a drying effect on sensitive skin, sugar scrubs exfoliate and hydrate the skin and are safe for all skin types. Sugar scrubs are so gentle they are even safe to use on the delicate skin of children.

In addition to providing a bit of a body polish, sugar scrubs can help in the treatment and prevention of skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema due to their hydrating nature. Sugar contains alpha-hydroxy which promotes youthful looking skin, fights aging, and can help to eliminate those wrinkles and age spots. Regular use of sugar scrubs results in uniformly textured skin that is glowing and healthy.
Soothing properties of a sugar scrub can help soothe the skin after shaving, promotes circulation, and can help stimulate the lymph nodes under the skin. This helps the body to release and remove toxins, fat stored in cells, and can even help reduce the visibility of cellulite.

Add our Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub to your skincare routine and enjoy the gentle benefits of smoother, softer, more youthful looking skin free of impurities.



Organic Body Scrub

Wherever possible you should try to choose organic products, even in your skincare routine. Organically grown and processed materials lack harmful chemicals such as chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Since you are trying to eliminate impurities and toxins from the skin when you scrub, using materials that are non-organic is a bit on the counterproductive side. While this may not always be possible, use organic products whenever you can to enjoy the maximum benefit the substances have to offer.

Body scrubs provide benefits other than those that improve the overall condition and health of your skin. Pampering, relaxing, and giving your body the attention it needs has an overall mood balancing effect and can help reduce the stress of everyday life. Add to that the aromatherapy aspects most body scrubs can provide. Our Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub, for example, combines the relaxing scent of vanilla with the invigorating properties of chai to make you feel refreshed and refreshed, much like a trip to the spa or a long weekend.

Pamper your skin and yourself today. Stock up on our great line of Body Scrub skin care products to bring a little of the spa experience into your everyday life. Not only will you feel great, you’ll look great too.

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