"Lulu DK Metallic Tattoos Stand Out Among the Rest."



Temporary metallic tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore.

Fashion designers from all over the world are releasing their own spins on these classic child fashion accessories. They are no longer childish princesses or cars, but rather beautiful designs. Lulu DK, a fashion store and high-end fabric and wallpaper company, offers some of the most unique and beautiful temporary tattoos on the market. Lulu DK Tattoo designs are based and created from the original artwork of designer Lulu deKwiatkowski, making them highly desirable. Lulu DK specializes in metallic tattoos in modern tribal designs. These look like cute, interesting jewelry pieces but are actually temporary metallic tattoos. Also known as ‘flash tattoos’, these Lulu DK metallic temporary tattoos are the perfect fashion accessory for every outfit. They come in multiple colors, designs and sizes, making them the perfect choice for any outfit.

Want a more formal looking tattoo? There’s one for you! Want a casual, more hippie looking tattoo? There’s a tattoo for you as well! Become a contemporary style icon with these cute and fashionable temporary Lulu DK tattoos.As there are so many ways to wear temporary tattoos, it can be difficult to decide where to put them.


For a more flashy and outgoing style, try using some on your face!

From a small, simple design to a full face design. Placing smaller or medium sized tattoos on the shoulders or chest area is a great way to add flare to your outfit without being too obnoxious. The color of the tattoo can also dictate how noticeable it is. To conceal tattoos more easily (even though they’re fake) is easier with non-bright colors. A teal colored tattoo is harder to conceal than a light silver or gold tattoo. The nice thing about these tattoos, however, is that they are temporary. For those afraid of the commitment and/or pain of real tattoos, the temporary option is the way to go. If you don’t like it or don’t like where it is, wash it off and put it somewhere else!

On average a tattoos from lulu dk tattoos will last a minimum of one week but it has been reported that some may last even as long as two weeks with proper care, as these temporary metallic gold tattoos are the longest lasting temporary tattoos out of all of their competitors. Lulu DK tattoos were also the first company to come out with colored metallic tattoos, although many copy cats have now added colored temporary tattoos to their selection of available metallic tattoo sets. Another factor when it comes to these types of flash tattoos is that there are many different grades available. Picking a flash tattoo from a company with no record of safety or health standards can be somewhat dangerous. There are some knock off and fake temporary metallic tattoos that have been reported to have caused skin irritations and problems with their use. So be wary of no name temporary tattoos as they may be knock offs from China. Unfortunately they do not have the same safety standards and there is no guarantee that you will not suffer from irritation or problems. Sticking with a reputable American Company such as Lulu Dk tattoos will ensure that you do not run into any problems of this sort.

Although this fashion trend may seem very new, it actually arose in 2012 with the fashion team at Dior. They popped back up at music festivals. More specifically, the Full Moon Festival in New York City.


When applying these beauties, don’t go crazy and put the whole pack on.

Start with simple, smaller rings or designs in one part of your body and move from there. Going crazy with these metallic tattoos can make you look like a crazed eight year-old who just got a pack of Disney Princess tattoos for their birthday. If you want a bolder look, especially for when you’re showing off your bikini-clad body, use larger tattoos. Using more tattoos doesn’t necessarily create a more bold and fashionable look. You will just look disorganized. To be more elegant start small and work your way up! You no longer need to buy single pieces of expensive jewelry.


You can now buy a pack of Lulu DK metallic tattoos on sale for about $25 dollars and sometimes with a Lulu DK discount code they are even cheaper. A full pack will last you a very long time. Especially because they are known to be the longest lasting temporary tattoos in the industry. These are more of a summer trend, as they’re most commonly seen with bikinis and dresses, but can add flare to winter and fall outfits as well. You can use these temporary metallic tattoos for rings, bracelets, or neck tattoos for a cute way to add the trend to your wardrobe year-round.