Even though the majority of the country has just retired their swimsuits in exchange for heavy Winter coats, that doesn't mean a sun-kissed glow is out of the question. Whether you're the Bikini Luxe girl jetting away to St. Maarten or Maui, or just desiring a bronzed "no-makeup makeup" look this tutorial is for you. When you're striving for a beach-appropriate look its important to incorporate SPF into your routine first and foremost. You also want to look as natural as possible, so swap out the dark eyeshadow and false lashes for warm browns and waterproof mascara. Effortless, luminous, and dewy skin that can outlast the heat and humidity is the goal.

Creating Flawless Skin Effortlessly 

I like to start with my eyes so that any shadow fallout can be cleaned up before creating flawless skin. The Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade is a smudge-free and waterproof formula perfect for a day at the beach. Since we won't be wearing eyeliner for this natural look we don't want to eyebrows to be too heavy; make sure to be very lighthanded when shaping and filling the eyebrows, using the bulk of product on the ends and the least amount of product to fade out the inner corners. I run a spoolie wand through my brows to break up the product and ensure a natural look. We will use Anastasia Clear Brow Gel to top off and set our brows to combat any weather. Using the Billion Dollar Brows Duo Highlight Pencil we are going to draw a line under our eyebrow arches and, using a smudge brush, bring the highlighter up to create a clean line under the brows. We are going to blend the rest of the highlighter pencil down towards our lids using our fingers.

Starting with a creme eyeshadow primer will create a crease-free base for our powder eyeshadow and help it last through tropical humidity. We will take the MAC Pro Longer Paint Pot in "Painterly" and rub it on our eyelids, from lash line blending up into the highlight. I love the Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Eye Palette for both and and night wear, but its especially nice for beachy no-makeup makeup. The most important aspect of applying the eyeshadow is going to be fully blending and diffusing out the colors, to keep it looking undone. We are going to start by patting the camel color eyeshadow, third down on the left, into our crease as the matte transition color. After blending it well with a fluffy tapered brush, we are going to go in the crease again with the darkest matte brown color, fourth on the right. Using very little product and concentrating on the outer corner of the eye, we are going to blend and pat in this color. Now that our crease and outer corner has depth and is fully blended, we are going to use a tiny dot of concealer as a brightener onto the eyelid, lightly patting it in. We will use the light shimmery shadow two down on the right over where we placed the brightener, then we will blend out any harsh lines with a fluffy mini shader brush. Using either the light shimmer on the top right, or on the two down left, we will brighten the inner corners of our eyes.

Clockwise: Anastasia Beverly Hills • Dip Brow Pomade // Billion Dollar Brows • Brow Duo Pencil // Anastasia Beverly Hills • Clear Brow Gel // Dior • Hydra Life BB Creme SPF30 // MAC • Strobe Cream // Kevyn Aucoin • Sensual Skin Enhancer // Stila • Stay All Day Bronzer // MAC • Painterly Pro Longwear Paint Pot // Mirenesse • Secret Weapon Supreme 24hr Mascara // Shu Uemura • Eyelash Curler // Bobbi Brown • Surf & Sand Palette // NARS • Hot Sand Illuminator // NARS • Waimea Velvet Lip Liner // Fresh • Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15 // Smashbox • Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF20

Its always in the Small Details 

Its important, even in a natural look, to copy what we did on the top of the lid to the bottom lash line. Using a thin pencil brush, we will diffuse the camel color under the lower lash line followed by some of the darkest matte brown color and finishing with the light shimmer in the inner corner. Once blended, we will curl with the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and use the Mirenesse waterproof Supreme 24hr Mascara. Even waterproof eyeliner smudges for me, so I like to avoid it altogether. If you have semi-permanent eyelash extensions you can skip the mascara step and swipe on a bit of the coat protectant from your salon.

With a makeup remover wipe we can clean off any product fall out and start on the rest of our faces. Dior Hydra Life BB Creme is a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF30 and just the right amount of coverage. Half a pump of BB creme plus half a squeeze of MAC Strobe Cream will create the perfect luminous base in lieu of heavy foundation or powder (I love it when freckles are still noticeable). We can top our faux foundation base with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with SPF20 for extra staying power and to counter the oily sheen that lounging on the sand can provide. Although both the BB Creme and Primer have SPF, the products are so light that even sensitive skin won't get irritated by doubling up. If you have a makeup fixing/ setting spray like MAC Fix+ on hand, you can mist your face now, between powder makeup, and after to keep the skin fresh and avoid "cake-face." I like a little more coverage under my eyes, to conceal and highlight, but if the tinted moisturizer was enough for you then the next step is skippable. Kevyn Aucoin is hands down my favorite concealer for buildable coverage, and I usually purchase a shade lighter than my skintone. We can just pat in a bit of concealer under our eyes in an upside down triangle shape with a dampened beauty blender ball until fully incorporated.

Creating that Healthy Glow the Right Way

A full face of contour won't be necessary, but a matte bronzer like Stila Stay All Day Bronzer and a warm highlighter like NARS Hot Sand Illuminator will create the healthy glow were going for. We will brush the bronzer on the hollows of our cheeks, under where our cheekbones rest when we make a kissy-face, blending up towards the ears. For a more complete look we can brush a few swipes of Bronzer under our jaw bones as well, and along the sides of the face up to the forehead almost creating a number 3 shape on one side, and a backwards number 3 shape on the other side (wherever the shadows would naturally rest on our face). Blend well; I like to use a stipple brush for this. With the Illuminator we are going to dot lightly where the sun would hit: on the upper cheekbones, the apples of the cheeks, and down the bridge of the nose. A little goes a long way so start with a small amount of product and build it up until satisfied. I like to use my fingers or the other side of my beauty blender ball for this step. Although I usually prefer a powder highlighter in a lighter shade, like NARS Albatross or Smashbox Soft Lights, Hot Sand is perfect for a sun-kissed look and subtle sheen.

Lastly, the lips. For this look we are going to do a moisturizing nude lip, again with SPF in mind. With NARS Velvet Lip Liner in Waimea, or a lip pencil in your favorite shade of pinkish nude, we are going to line and completely fill in our lips. We will top it off with a few swipes of our Tintled Lip Treatment with SPF15 for some sun protection and some sheer pink color. A lipliner and tinted balm is the best choice for a day at the beach over a velvet or matte finish lipstick which can often look overdone.

Now you have the perfect sun-kissed look to wear on the beach. Which Bikini Luxe swimsuit will you pair it with?



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