The Best Winter Eye Makeup Looks to Try



Figuring out where to start when learning how to apply your own makeup well is a struggle.



Furthermore, for those trying to complete a whole new look it can become even more confusing to get started. Learning how to create your own unique style, can be easy with a bit of guidance. For that reason, we decided to go ahead, and put some of our tips together in which to help those wanting to try new shadows, and lip colors to achieve it with ease, so lets begin!!


Keep in mind, that colors and styles will change from season to season, and so you will need to update your eye shadows each season, or run the risk of them easily becoming outdated when the next season rolls around. For that reason, keeping up with the latest fashion news, could be a starting point, but should not be your only source on how you create your new makeup style. Currently, when it comes to the Best Eyeliner for products, the old traditional approach of putting it on with fine lines is actually an outdated look. Eyeliner stencils along with advanced eyeliner pens can help you to create perfect eyeliner in no time.


When testing out new colors, you should take into consideration a few starting points:


  • Pay attention to your own hair color
  • Eye color
  • How even or uneven your skin tone may be


      These starting factors will play an important role as to what types of colors will work best for your own complexion and attributes.





      What is in now, is applying a light color to the eye with thick bold types of lines, starting from the inner lower corner, to only half way. In addition, it could be worn all the way with the lines going in either a angular type shape, or extending it to the outside corners of the eye area. Enhance the look of your eyeshadow with a slightly smokey look by adding a darker color from the outer corner to the middle of the eye, and blend well. Also, you can add more depth by contouring the eyelid crease with a thin dark line, and blending. See the photo above for help. Furthermore, you want to experiment with using either white or blue liners, black is still acceptable too, but going with the other two shades can allow more types of spring colors to enhance your features around the eyes.


      For lip shades, the bright bold colors are starting to make a comeback with many fashion models and actresses especially for the upcoming spring and winter time. You will want to select neon, red, or orange types of colors. However, these are being currently used in the matte type, instead of the high glossy type in the past.


      In order to enhance these colors around the lip area, you will want to be certain that you keep the rest of your foundation, and makeup to a very bare minimum. You can draw closer attention to the lips, simply by using lighter shades of eye color, which thus could make the eyes seem wider, and the lips more inviting to those around you.


      Speaking of the eye shadows (, lets turn our focus there, to help guide you as to which ones are the best for the winter looks.


      Working with shades of purple, and blue eye shadows can help to brighten up the entire face area. Colors like lavender, purple, lilac, blue, and certain pastel hues seem to be the most fashionable for this upcoming winter season. The smokey eye look use to be the most popular, but these new shades seem to have replaced that particular style trend.


      In addition, when your searching for your own unique blend, you can easily bring out your eye color by applying turquoise light shades of blue towards the outer upper and lower lids but only at the corners will you make the eye-shadow color just a bit darker. Furthermore, start with using pastel shades, and peach colors from the inner top eyelid, to the 1/2 way area, and then add in the other turquoise shades towards the outer parts of the eye. Keeping that step in mind, when applying the eye shadow colors, you want to go very lightly on the application, and use more of a light blurred type of effect, not a dark dramatic look.


      When it comes to selecting the best type of eye make-up looks to try, the many styles to put together can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning stages. Nonetheless, taking some of our suggestions here within this article could help you to easily get your own unique style very effortlessly. Finally, a extra tip for you, will be to simply experiment with your eye shape, eye color, and then blend in the lighter pastel shades we mentioned to further match the latest winter trends, and you should easily come up with a new eye-make trend that many will want to follow.