Botox, an Emotional Tonic?



In the most practical of ways, Botox is technically a way to alter one's physical appearance. That much is obvious, but if you think about it a little more deeply, Botox is actually a great way to treat people's emotions. It may sound crazy, but there are more and more cases of people getting really upset and depressed over their appearance reported every single year. This means that a person feels as though they look one way, but what they see in the mirror is completely different. Of course, in some cases that is just because a person cannot really see themselves for who they are, but believe it or not, this phenomenon is becoming more and more common in middle aged adults.


Although it has previously been considered to be a problem amongst teenagers and young adults, more people over the age of forty are struggling with how they look every day. This is because although medical science is helping people to live longer, we have so far been completely unable to affect the aging process, which means that we are still getting older and wrinklier as we age. When many people hit their forties and fifties, this means that they still feel pretty young, but when they look at the themselves, they realise that they no longer look how they feel. This can cause huge emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, and even depression.


And this is where Botox comes in. Obviously if someone has a serious problem with depression that should be addressed first, but for many people, having Botox can restore them to how they look in their mind's eye. This can really help their emotional appearance and therefore their emotional well being. Botox can in this way be considered a tonic for the melancholy derived from poor self esteem.


Considering Botox? Three things to check off first


Botox has been used for decades, which means that while we know that it is perfectly safe, that does not mean that you should not do your due diligence. Like any other medical procedure, it is important that you weigh all of the factors before you make a decision – and we think that there are three simple, but important questions that you should ask before you commit to having Botox:


  1. Do the premises look clean?

One of the biggest problems with medical problems is not the procedure itself, but rather the bacteria that gets into your system during it, or just after when you are recovering. If the place where you are thinking of having Botox does not look or smell that clean, then you are inviting the possibility that you will develop something serious during your Botox injections procedure. If that is the case, do not have your Botox there; go elsewhere.


  1. Is he/she a Medically Trained Botox Administrator?

When it comes to the medical profession, training is everything. In many places the person that is offering to give Botox injections is not required by law to have any training whatsoever, which means that you could be putting yourself in the hands of someone who has no idea what they are doing. It is much better to go somewhere else and have a fully trained doctor or dentist do it for you.


  1. Has everything been fully explained to you?

Some people are afraid to ask questions if they feel that they have not been told everything that they want to know, but you should never let that overwhelm you if you are thinking of getting Botox! Knowledge is power, and without it, you cannot make a fully informed decision.



- For more information on the medical and cosmetic uses of Botox, you can see the Wikipedia article here: